‘Mbappe’ wants to move, he has to handle it himself.

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It is reported that Real Madrid still wants Kylian Mbappe to join the team next season. But from past stories.

They turned on the no-interest mode and let the Atletico striker be the first to play the game. Mbappe has been a target of Madrid for a long time. 

But such interest seems to have waned recently. Some media outlets have stated that Madrid has ended their interest. Meanwhile, French media like RMC has reported that Madrid is still interested in Mbappe but will not be the first to play the game in this deal. 

“If Mbappe wants to move to the team. He has to take care of this,” RMC revealed the message a Real Madrid source had said. The report also states that Madrid has cut off discussions with the player’s representatives.  ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

And it will be up to Mbape himself to revive this negotiation. Madrid’s determination to acquire Mbappe has often been met with disappointment. The most obvious was in 2022, when the striker changed his mind at the end, embarrassing Madrid and causing anger in the La Liga offices. But even if Mbappe chooses to extend his current contract , Madrid also have a rising star of their own and are not looking at signing the France captain as a goal like they have in the past.