Merson speculates on his chances of getting in the top four.

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Merson speculates on his chances of getting in the top four. Arsenal – Spurs

Guru Paul Merson has outspoken about Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur’s. Chances of top-four finishes in the new Premier League season through a column.

Mikel Arteta was unable to lead the Gunners to the Champions League last season. Being overtaken by Spurs, led Antonio Conte end of the season. However the former Gunners striker believes his former club can return to the top four in the upcoming season.

“I put Manchester United in the top four. Because they are a big team. But now they also have a less-than-optimized transfer of players. For their chances of securing a spot in the UEFA Champions League. So it’s just Tottenham and Arsenal.”

“If I had to choose one team I would choose Arsenal. Because Spurs have to play in the Champions League. This new season will be a problem for them. Which has to play in the game in the middle of the week. It will interfere with playing the Premier League. They also have a team that is not very big. Which can make a difference.”

“Arsenal on the other hand will be able to focus on the domestic game. Because the Europa League is not a highly competitive tournament compared to Champions League,” Emerson said.