“Juice” may not help detox your body as well as you think.

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Juice” may not help detox your body as well as you think.

“Detox” is a word commonly use by Thai people instead of “detoxify”. What helps detox. or detoxification in the body I always get a lot of special attention. Including the belief that “juice” can help detox or detoxify the body. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com

How do we “detoxify” the body?

First of all, we have to understand what the “toxic” that we want to wash out is. If it means toxins that cause harm in the body such as acids, alkalis, arsenic, heavy metals, etc., these “detoxifications” from the body are It’s not easy to do. If you really want to flush out toxins from your body. May have to rely on Activated Carbon, carbon or charcoal powder. That is specifically intended for absorbing toxins from the body. And the use of activated charcoal to detoxify must supervised by a medical professional or study the details. Before using it well Including receiving a physical examination and consider. That it should be use to the safest for our bodies

Juice VS Detoxification

Drinking juice and detoxification not directly related. But rather talking about fruit juices that help with excretion Things that help flush out the fat that is attached to various organs in the body such as the liver, kidneys, and intestines are not just juices. But includes fruits and vegetables and all kinds of grains that are high in dietary fiber including reducing carbohydrate consumption and animal fat including trans fats That is at risk of sticking to the intestines, obstructing the intestines and blood vessels, and can be fat masking the liver itself.

Juice extracts do more damage to health than benefit.

Do not forget that fruit juices have the ability to increase the efficiency of excretion. Including reducing fat in the blood It must be fruit juice that contains dietary fiber as well. It’s not purely sugary fruit juice. You may be able to get vitamins by drinking fruit juice. (It’s not 100% because some of it is in the fiber you’re not eating.) But you’re getting all the sugar from the fruit. More than getting dietary fiber that helps with reducing blood lipids. and truly increase the efficiency of excretion According to numerous studies conducted by Harvard University, People who eat whole fruits There is a risk of diabetes less than those who consume, but “juice” pure, no food waste at all.

Robert Lustig, professor of pediatrics and endocrinology University of California. 

The San Francisco explains that dietary fiber is divided into two major categories: soluble fiber. and insoluble form Both types of dietary fiber are chewed. and swallowed through the mouth It then combines to form a gel-like coating that coats the upper part of the digestive tract. It’s like a sieve to catch excess fat and sugar. before combining excretion with faeces. But if we drink fruit juice with pure sugar. or eating starchy foods And sugar without dietary fiber that helps to catch fat. and excess sugar It will cause the body to get full of sugar and fat. without removing the excess

In addition, eating whole fruits Still full faster than just juice. If we eat 2 oranges, we may be full. But if we squeeze only juice and drink 2 oranges, we may only get half of the glass. until we have to consume more oranges That means more sugar we consume.