Safe Skin Cell Renewal Can Be Done At Home.

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Safe Skin Cell Renewal Can Be Done At Home.

Dirt that accumulates and clogs pores can lead to many skin problems. Facial cleansing alone may not enough. Another skin care method. That should not neglected is exfoliation. Because it will help get rid of dead skin cells and stimulate the creation of new skin cells to replace. Makes the skin smooth, soft, healthy and looks more radiant by UFABET

naturally The body has a process of exfoliating the top layer of the epidermis every 30 days to get rid of dead skin cells from chemicals or pollution in daily life. Whether it’s dust, smoke or cosmetic stains that accumulate on the skin. But the body’s skin cell turnover process can sometimes slow down due to many factors. such as dry skin or increasing age. This results in dead skin cells accumulating on the skin and not being removed. Makes the skin rough, uneven, dry, peeling or clogging the pores until acne occurs. 

How can I exfoliate skin cells?

Exfoliation can be done easily at home with equipment that can be purchased online. The method of skin cell renewal is divided into 2 methods: 

Physical exfoliation (Physical Exfoliator)

It is a way to exfoliate the skin by scrubbing or scrubbing the skin using various tools such as sponges, gloves, scrub brushes, as well as commonly available ingredients such as sugar, salt, oatmeal, baking soda or coffee grounds. By mixing it with honey, green tea powder or essential oils. Then gently massage on the face to help remove old dead skin cells. But using rough ingredients to scrub your skin can irritate your skin. Therefore, it should not exert too strong abrasion.

Chemical Exfoliants

Chemicals commonly used in skin exfoliation include alpha hydroxy acids ( AHAs  ) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) . Retinoid, using products containing these acids will help shed the outermost layer of skin cells and stimulate the production of new skin cells to replace them. make the skin color consistent Reduces clogging of pores, treats acne, reduces wrinkles and cares for sun-damaged skin. 

However, chemical exfoliants tend to be gentler on the skin than mechanical exfoliants. as well as helping to balance the skin Care for dry or damaged skin from the sun. and helps make wrinkles more shallow But should choose the product with the right concentration. Because the use of products with too high a concentration can cause skin irritation. If the AHAs group should be used at a concentration of not more than 10 percent and with a pH of 3.5 or more, the BHAs group should be used at a concentration of 1.5-2 percent. 

The secret to shedding skin cells without hurting the skin

before exfoliation You should study information and precautions about skin cell renewal that are suitable for yourself. in order not to cause irritation or harm to the skin You can follow the instructions below.

Choose a way to exfoliate skin cells to suit your skin type. 

Because each person has a different skin condition. Choosing a way to exfoliate is therefore something that should be taken into account. Because it will help reduce skin irritation and get better results.

  • People with sensitive skin or sensitive to irritation. The first step may be to exfoliate the skin by using BHAs as it is gentler on the skin than other chemicals. but if the skin disease already exists Always consult a dermatologist before choosing any product. 
  • People with dry skin should use AHAs to exfoliate the skin. Because it will help the moisturizer to absorb into the skin and moisturize better.
  • Those with oily skin can choose from several methods of exfoliation. Whether using chemicals Scrubbing the skin with products that can bought online. Or use a device such as an electric brush to help scrub the skin.
  • People with combination skin may choose different products for areas with different skin types. By using a scrub on the part of the skin that is oily. Alternate with lower-concentration AHAs on areas with dry skin the next day.
  • People with acne-prone skin may use chemical exfoliants, either AHAs or BHAs.

frequency of skin cell turnover

Exfoliation can be done often or not depending on the skin condition of each person. But you shouldn’t exfoliate every day. This is because our skin needs time to regenerate the outermost layer of skin cells. Should use products to moisturize the skin like Moisturizer. and sunscreen before leaving the house always

Another important thing is to be careful not to exfoliate too harshly and cause harm to the skin. If there are abnormal symptoms such as redness, burning or itching, all types of skin exfoliation products should be stopped. If symptoms do not improve Should see a doctor to get the right treatment. 

Groups that should be careful when exfoliating

Although exfoliation helps to promote good skin health. But those who are taking certain medications or using retinol-containing acne treatment products or Benzoyl peroxide  (Benzoyl Peroxide) should not exfoliate. Because it will irritate the skin, peel the skin or cause acne to break out. 

In addition, those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should be more careful when exfoliating. especially the use of chemicals There is not enough information to confirm the safety of using products containing chemical exfoliants in the womb. Also careful when using BHAs during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Because it has properties that can penetrate deeper into the skin. Instead, you may choose to use products that contain safer AHAs like lactic acid or glycolic acid. Because the working mechanism of AHAs only exfoliates the outer layer of the skin, however, for safety. Always consult with your doctor first.